White Leghorns


Excellent white egg layers. Bred to start laying at 22-24 weeks of age, and will lay longer in the season than most other breeds.

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The White Leghorn is an excellent layer of white eggs – it is the only white egg layer that we carry. Most of the white eggs sold in the US are from a variety of different White Leghorns. We sell them starting at 15 weeks old – and (depending on how much daylight they get) they can start laying as early as 22 weeks. So about the time they get settled into your flock, you’ll be getting eggs.

The Leghorn name is a bit of a misnomer. The breed originated in Tuscany – a region in central Italy. From there they were introduced into the United States in 1870 and were referred to as ‘Italians’, but later became known as Leghorns, a mispronunciation of the western Italian port of Livorno. Averaging more than 280 eggs a year, no matter how you pronounce it the Leghorns are a great addition to your flock.

Ours come from Leghorns breed for egg production – they will be great producers.