Started Pullets on Grass

Started Pullets

Started Pullets are shipped at 15 weeks old and older and will quickly mature into laying hens.

We ship to 49 states almost every week of the year.

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Here are some of the breeds we have available to ship.


I have got to let you know, the birds were in excellent health and vigor upon arrival. They fared well from traveling and love their new digs, a chicken truck. They had an excellent first night and acclimated well.

Thank you for your most excellent care. I certainly will be recommending you to others. Thank you. God bless you.


I just wanted to write and say how fantastic my started pullets are, they arrived in perfect condition one week ago. I was impressed in how lovely their appearance, weight and overall general condition they were in. I have always ordered baby chicks, but I needed some pullets right now. I researched this way and even though it was quite expensive, after reading all the reviews decided to try the started pullets. So far so good. They haven't started laying yet, but hopefully soon they will be.
Thanks for all your hard work and making this experience worth my time and money. I will consider it again.

Dear B&D Family,

I want to thank you for your top quality, healthy, beautiful juvenile Silver Laced Wyandotte and Buff Orpington I received. Only wish I had know about your hatchery a year ago when I bought my first chicks from a local farm store.  After 10 days of being housed in a separate area with fenced talking access to the other hens, they now are housed in my large "Little Cottage Co" Gambrel Barn Coop with has a wired 25 ft run for rainy days and a sliding door that opens onto a fenced 10 acre pasture for most other days.  
Thank you again!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know our chickens arrived this morning - all are active and eating and drinking and look none the worse for having traveled such a distance. Loved the apple slices in the box and so did the chickens. This has been a great experience - thank you so much.


About Heritage Pullets

We are a family owned and operated business offering over 10 varieties of poultry that can be shipped right to your local post office. It’s our mission to provide you with quality poultry for showing, enjoyment, eggs or even pets. We will be glad to accommodate any size order and mix match multiple breeds. We are happy for the opportunity to serve you!  Read More...

~The Brandstadt Family

Don and Maria Brandstadt

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Started Pullet?

A “Started Pullet” is a female chicken between 15 and 24 weeks of age. She is at the “point of lay”, that is within a few weeks she will begin to start laying.

What are Pullets?

A pullet is a young female chicken less than a year old. Once a female chicken starts laying, we refer to her as a hen, regardless of the age.

What do Started Pullets cost?

Depending on the age and the breed, started pullets cost between $20 and $45 each. The main cost in purchasing started pullets is the cost of the shipping.

What age chickens should I buy?

A Started Pullet is at the perfect age to purchase. After she leaves our farm, she will have a few weeks to get settled in at her new home before she starts laying. This will give her the opportunity to learn where the food and water are located, as well as the location of the laying box.

Do you sell roosters?

YES ! We occasionally have roosters or cockerels for sell. Please email us a for availability.

More Frequently Asked Questions