Blue Egg Layer


Blue Egg Layers make a beautiful addition to your flock and your egg carton.

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Picture is of 4  week olds.  Blue Egg Layer Started Pullets available.

Several years ago McMurray Hatchery acquired the "Whiting True Blue." This is a line of chickens developed by Dr. Tom Whiting to lay blue eggs. Since egg color is the only thing he selected for, the birds can visually look like almost anything – from Easter Eggers with muffs and beards to Blue Andalusians, and every thing in between. We get day old's from McMurray and raise them up for sale as started pullets so you can add a blue egg to your basket.

Is the Blue Egg Layer a heritage breed?

The Blue Egg Layer Started Pullet is not a heritage breed.  This line was developed for the color of the eggs, and so the chickens have no standard body shape, feather pattern, weight or color.  They will add a lot of diversity to your flock.

Are Blue Egg Layers aggressive?

The Blue Egg Layer started pullet has a varied temperament though they tend to have a good disposition.  The ones that are more blue in color tend to have more Blue Andalusian in their genetic make up and so are more skittish. The other colors vary in temperament from calm to flighty.

Are Blue Egg Layers cold hardy?

They tolerant cold when given appropriate shelter, but it does seem to limit their egg production.

Are Blue Egg Layers good to eat?

They are a much better egg layer than a meat bird.

Do Blue Egg Layer Started Pullets tolerant heat?

The Blue Egg Layer  does well in the heat. All chickens need shade and plenty of fresh water.

How many eggs a year do Blue Egg Layers lay?

A Delaware will lay between 180 and 200 eggs a year.

How often do Blue Egg Layers go broody?

They will occasionally go broody, more likely in their second year of life. They make excellent mothers when they hatch out chicks.

What color eggs do Blue Eggers lay?

The Blue Egg Layer Started pullet lays a sky blue egg; however, we do not guarantee egg color.

Are Blue Egg Layers good free rangers?

They are excellent free rangers.