Black Star Started Pullets


A prolific brown egg layer. Black Stars are a friendly breed that has adapted  well to free-ranging and foraging.

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Along with the Red Star, the Black Star Started pullet is a sex-linked pullet. A hybrid from a cross of a Barred Plymouth Rock hen with a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red male creates a chick that can be sexed at hatching. The females are all black, the males are all black too – but have a white spot on their head. As the females mature they develop a brown or gray plumage in their chest.

They are very hardy birds, handling both heat and cold well. Because of the presence of the ‘hybrid-vigor’ they are also excellent layers of medium to large sized brown eggs. Averaging over 250 eggs a year (with the right feed), they are a very docile addition to any family flock.

They will be good foragers, but like to return to the roost each night. They normally start laying at 24-26 weeks of age. They may occasionally go broody (that is sit on eggs), but will rarely stick it out long enough to actually hatch the eggs. As with all hybrids, chicks hatched from their eggs will not be Black Stars, but will have plumage and traits closer to that of the original breeding stock.