Ordering Roosters

We often have several roosters available, and as people call and email asking about them, we have streamlined the ordering process.  Choose the breed you want below.  Unless you indicate otherwise, we will hold your order until a suitable rooster is available.

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Many people are looking for Roosters. What good are are they?  For the sustainable back yard flock, or any sustainable flock, they are essential.

What makes Roosters Essential to a Sustainable Flock?

While the function of hens is pretty obvious, we get eggs to eat and bake with, the functions of a rooster or two in a flock are not as routinely appreciated.  Though if you stand watch a flock with a rooster for a while, you’ll begin to understand the role he plays in the flock.

  • Mating. The most obvious function of the male chicken is to provide the fertilization components for the eggs.  With out a rooster, the eggs are non-fertile and will not/can not hatch. Yes, fertile eggs are fine to eat.
  • Flock protection.  While a rooster can not fend larger predators, a rooster is the early warning system and the first line of defense. Roosters are by nature protective, making this a perfect role for them.
  • Flock providers. As you watch the flock, you’ll see that the rooster will often spy some tasty morsel of food and scratch a few times, test it, then cluck for the hens to come and eat.  As they eat, you’ll notice that he is not eating, but is keeping a close watch on the flock.
  • Flock organizers. A flock without a rooster will self-organize with the most aggressive hen at the top.  And though there is a ‘peace’ of sorts, there is always the background of competition.  Introduce a rooster and all that disappears – just his presence establishes the orders.  When introducing a rooster into an established hen flock, remove the top hen first and allow the rooster to establish his position, otherwise he may end up ‘hen-pecked’.

Are Roosters aggressive?

Roosters can be aggressive toward other roosters, particularly if there is competition for hens.  In their role as protector, they are necessarily aggressive.  Aggression can be managed by approach and dominance.  Always approach the flock in a non-threatening manner. Doing so avoids triggering the protective instincts.  Let your rooster know that when you’re around – you are the top rooster – that you dominant him. Once he learns, he will generally leave you alone – though he may challenge from time to time.

Are Rooster good to eat?

It depends on how hungry you are. The meat of an old Rooster is going to be pretty tough to eat.

Are Roosters loud?

Depends on what is loud? They are not nearly as loud as a passing train horn which is a minimum of 96db. Still they are appropriately loud enough to warn off intruders and give the hens time to find shelter from attacks. Many people find the sound of an early morning rooster to be a welcome change from the electronic alarm clock. Unfortunately, others find the sound annoying.

How do you tame a Rooster?

With Roosters, it is best to start early once they are a year old, they will be difficult to fully tame.  The best way to tame a rooster is to handle the bird daily. Pick up the bird and hold them securely for a couple of minutes. When first handling the bird, approach slowly and lift then up to waist height. Then position the bird so that the breast of the bird is on your palm, and the bird is facing toward your arm-pit. I put one leg between my pinky and ring finger and the other leg between the other two fingers. If the bird starts to get over active, then I put it’s head under my arm pit – the darkness will quiet the bird. With your other hand, you can gently stroke the bird. After a few minutes, gently release the bird.