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Buff Orpingtons are a consistent layer of brown eggs.  Friendly – they are great with children.

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The Orpingtons were developed in the 1880’s. The Buff Orpington is a popular breed with a beautiful golden buff plumage. The Buff is a large, friendly bird and is a back-yard favorite. They are also one of the most broody of the heritage breeds and are excellent mothers. They mature to around 6 pounds and will start laying large brown eggs at about 6 months. Our pullets are not debeaked, so they can easily free range. All our birds are fed a non-GMO feed, and will generally be 15-20 weeks old at the time of arrival.

Are Buff Orpingtons nice?

Buff Orpingtons are docile and friendly, they are one of the calmest breeds of heritage chickens. They have even been described as cuddly, though I don’t know that I would go that far.

Are Buff Orpingtons good with children?

Buff Orpingtons are excellent with children. Being one of the calmest heritage chicken breeds, they are a great choice for interacting with small children. Naturally curious, they will love to see what your children are doing. If your children feed them small treats, they can be trained to eat out of the hand.

What color of Eggs do Buff Orpingtons lay?

Buff Orpingtons lay a light brown egg.

What size of eggs do Buff Orpingtons lay?

Buff Orpingtons lay a medium-large sized egg.

How many eggs a year do Buff Orpingtons lay?

Buff Orpingtons lay between 200 and 280 eggs a year. Egg laying is very dependent on the feed they are fed, so your results may vary.

Do Buff Orpingtons Fly?

Buff Orpingtons can fly, but they would rather not. They prefer to run, but will fly if they are chased or pressured.

Are Buff Orpington Roosters aggressive?

Buff Orpingtons roosters are less aggressive than the roosters of other breeds and tend to be very receptive to humans. The Buff Orpingtons rooster makes a good parent, often searching out food and calling the hens and chicks to come eat while he stands guard.

Are Buff Orpingtons Good Layers?

We think of a good layer as a bird that is good to be around and lays plenty of eggs – so YES! The Buff Orpington is a good layer.

Will Buff Orpingtons Go Broody?

Yes, Buff Orpingtons will go broody, particularly in their second year of life.

What is the history of the Buff Orpingtons?

In the 1880’s, William Cook worked to develop a chicken that would not look dirty in the soot filled air of industrial Britain. In 1886 he created the original Black Orpinton by crossing Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks. He lived in the town of Kent, Orpington, thus the name of the new breed. A Buff color was soon developed, and introduced into the US in 1895 where it became very popular.

Is the Buff Orpington a hybrid?

A hybrid is a chicken that will not breed true, for example, the Red Stars are a hybrid. The Buff Orpington, though derived from 3 different breeds, is not a hybrid. If you breed Buff Orpingtons, you will get Buff Orpingtons.