Delaware Started Pullets

Delaware started pullets are an excellent , docile, friendly backyard or homestead birds.

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George Ellis of Delaware (thus the name) developed Delaware in 1940 primarily as a broiler chicken. For 10-20 years they were very popular as a broiler due to the dominance of white feathers, but were replaced by the Cornish X Rock in the late 1950’s.

When a Delaware female is mated with a Rhode Island Red male, a chick is produced whose sex can be determined at birth. The males will have the Delaware coloration, and the females will be solid red.

Delawares make an excellent homestead dual-purpose bird. They have productive egg-layers and are good on the table. They are very calm and friendly – a good bird for young children.

Is the Delaware a heritage breed?

The Delaware is one of the newest heritage breeds. Developed in 1940 by George Ellis with the goal of maintaining egg production, while producing a broiler as a meat bird. For the 1940’s and most of the 1950’s the Delaware was the basis of the American meat chicken industry. In the late 1950’s the Cornish X rock too the Delaware place.

Is the Delawares an endangered breed?

According to Wikipedia, ‘the Delaware is considered a critically endangered breed by organizations such as the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’ . While not as rare as several years ago, the Delaware is still making a comeback. Many homesteaders have found the Delaware to be the perfect homesteading dual purpose chicken.

Are Delawares aggressive?

The Delaware is a very calm chicken and unlikely to be aggressive unless threatened.

Are Delawares cold hardy?

The Delaware was developed in the state of Delaware – not the warmest state in the nation, and so they tolerant cold when given appropriate shelter.

Are Delawares good to eat?

Once you’ve had a free-ranged Delaware to eat, you’ll find the commercial supermarket chicken to be very bland.

Are Delawares good with children?

Calm and non-aggressive unless threatened, the Delaware chicken is very good with children.

Do Delawares tolerant heat?

With a nice single comb acting as a heat radiator, the Delaware does well in the heat. All chickens need shade and plenty of fresh water.

How do you tame a Delawares?

Delawares are very easy to tame. Naturally a calm, inquisitive bird, they are very friendly and like to be held and petted.

How many eggs a year do Delawares lay?

A Delaware will lay between 200 and 250 eggs a year.

How often do Delawares go broody?

They will occasionally go broody, more likely in their second year of life. They make excellent mothers when they hatch out chicks.

What are Delawares chickens used for?

The Delaware chicken is making a comeback as the best homesteading dual purpose bird. The hens are excellent egg layers, and the cockerels make a fast maturing meat bird. Able to forage for their food, calm around children and adults, able to hatch their own – they are finding a place on many homesteads.

What color eggs do Delawares lay?

The Delaware lays a large to jumbo light brown egg.

Are Delawares good free rangers?

Unlike most commercial meat birds, Delawares are excellent free rangers. They browse well and like to forage for food.