Silver Laced Wyandotte


The Silver Laced Wyandotte, or ‘Silvers’ as they are sometimes called, make a beautiful addition to a backyard flock.

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The Silver Laced Wyandotte originated in New York. They are hardy and active dual purpose birds used for both eggs and meat but primarily for their brown eggs.

The sharply marked, silver laced plumage makes this bird a beautiful compliment to any back yard. The rose comb of Wyandottes are low and firm on the head with small rounded points, making them adaptable to colder climates.

The general appearance of Wyandottes is a short, deep, wide-bodied bird. The unusual striking color, pattern and docile nature make this variety a popular pick. An adult Wyandotte weighs around 5 to 6 pounds. Our pullets are full vaccinated for the prevention of diseases and they are not debeaked allowing them to peck at the bugs and grasses.