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Welcome to our family farm!

It all began two decades ago. After receiving my first Buff Orpington pullets that shone as golden as the Colorado sunshine, I set down the path of keeping poultry. I’ve learned through many mistakes and successes over these past years.  We’ve raised them in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Idaho and have found different breeds excel in certain states due to the natural weather patterns.

After raising chickens for many years and giving them as gifts to delighted friends, we wanted to share them with people who are just starting their first flock or who are interested in trying other breeds. My husband ordered Delawares, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks and a few others and raised them alongside our chickens. As they grew, so did the demand for them!  We have steadily grown our flock to over a 1,000. We primarily supply the well know hatchery Murray McMurray with our pullets that have shipped from coast to coast which include Puerto Rico and Alaska.

Our farm is run entirely by our family, with each member contributing his part to the daily operations. We are located near the Crazy Mountains in Greycliff, Montana.

It is our family’s goal to raise vigorous and healthy pullets that will provide you with plenty of eggs and enjoyment for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in our pullets!

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Greetings to all! Summer is finally here! Hope y’all are enjoying it so far. We are thinking of starting a blog about what happens on the farm, who’s all in on it?  

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What Our Customers Say

Hello, Just wanted you to know that the “girls” arrived safely and in great condition.  Everyone at the post office thought they were wonderful birds as they sat on the counter making small noises. They are very comfortable in their new coop and are adjusting well. Thanks! J. E Proud new owner of 4 Rhode…

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